Thursday, January 12

Black and white water

This is from the last week. My mum took Laia and me to the river. 
I love that place, it reminds me so much of my childhood and I love the fact that it hasn't changed, it is just like I remembered it.
I just can say thanks to Laia because it was very cold and she was shivering a lot. 

Wednesday, January 4

The new kid in town!

Yay! I have my grandpa's Polaroid. I think it's 40 years old, but it still works!
When my grandma gave me the camera it had five photos, but they were expired. My sister's boyfriend and I tried to take three photos, but it was dark and it didn't work. This morning he took one of Laia and me and it worked! Now I have one more photo and I don't know what can I do. 
I'm in love with this camera!!  

Laia and me.

Wild heart runs free

Last week I went to a beautiful deserted farm.
I wanted to take some photos of a couple, so i thought they were perfect. They are a fake couple, in fact both of them are in diferent relationships.
Anyway I think they look so great together.