Monday, August 20


Today is my birthday! I'm 15 now! My family have a tradition for my birthday; go to cinema and eat fast food! I don't know why, but we have done this for years. 
One of the best birthdays was at my 9th birthday, because we were dining on a cruise and the waiters sang me happy birthday, and then everyone who was dining at the restaurant did the same! It was very funny!

These are some photos I wanted to share with you of my family. 
 this is my favourite pic of me.

 my mum and I when I was few months old, and my father and I when I was four.

 me being tortured by my older sister haha, and my sister and I. I was pretending to be Santa Claus with a foam beard.

Tuesday, August 7

Where soul meets body (part II)

Where soul meets body (part I)

This is beautiful Claudia. We went to a field that's on my way home. I love when sun is setting and it makes plans look like gold. I wanted to shoot that moment, but we didn't have time and we had to go home. 
I really liked shooting her, she's an amazing model and she knows what I like. This week we're gonna meet up again, can't wait! :)