Friday, April 27

the girl with poppy skin

These photos are from the last weekend. Laia and I went to a poppy field near home. They are very special for me.

Saturday, April 14


These are some photos of the exchange I did last March. It's been one of the best experiences of my live! I've met new people, I've seen beautiful new places, learnt French and I have learnt to appreciate little things.
When you are in a strange house with unknown people who only speak French it's  easy to feel out of the place, but I think that this is what has made me appreciate all that I have.
Love all these people of the photos, we were like a big family. 


We threw paper airplanes from the Eiffel Tower.

 This is a Space Invader we found at the bridge next to the Eiffel Tower.
We were like crazy when we saw all these Space Invaders in Paris.

My pretty Núria

Listening Bob Dylan while we were on the bus. 

Falaises d'Étretat:

Delicious Macarons from Rouen. Some of us went shopping in Rouen at Saturday.

 Me at the morning walking next to a lake that was near the high school, in Montville.

 Ylenia and Núria 
From Núria's birthday. Some French mothers made very nice cakes. 


Palace of Fontainebleau:

 Here is where Lana Del Rey filmed her videoclip Born to Die. (taken by my iphone)