Sunday, July 22

early birthday

Last Friday I celebrated my birthday with some friends. It wasn't my birthday (it is on August 20th) but I'm on vacation and we can't meet.

They gave me these perfect presents:
 A beautiful bag, a shirt and a remote!!!! Oh they know me perfectly! They are asdfghjkl :D

We dinnner pizza, and then we put two mattresses in the living room and ther we watched movies 'til morning came up!

 this is Claudia at the birth of the day. The sky looked beautifu and the light was unreal.

 this is Laura
and these are Laura, Laia and me.

It has been one of the best early birthdays of my life.


  1. the last photo is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful presents and beautiful pics!!!XOXO

  3. amazing memories captured.
    happy birthday!

  4. Yeahh ... really beautiful post :)

  5. wow , you take so much wonderful pictures !
    Greet'z from Germany ♥


thank you so much! (: