Tuesday, September 4

Summer in France (I)

I went to French Provence with my family this summer, and we stayed in a small town called Roussillon.

First day:
It was at the top of a hill, made of ocher pigment. 

weird panoramic of the views we had in the town.

 this pretty cat was at the house's where we stayed everyday with its mamma. 

 we had this wonderful cherry bread for dinner 

this is me having fun at my perfect room. I really fell in love with my room and this mirror-closet.Oh and I had a own bath!

Second day:
We went to Isle-sur-la-Sorgue because there was an an antiques market, full of beautiful things! I wish I was rich, so I could buy all those treasures.

my family cooking (the one with a had is my father haha), and my sis having a delicious orange melon!

we went to town center at noon

we visited a gallery full of gorgeous pictures.

I wish I could make a shoot in that graveyard

 my sis in an alley
 the sun set and it was beautiful
this is the best bakery in the whole world! We bought the cherry bread here.

Third day:

 I bought this sweet in Fontaine-de-Vaucluse and it cut my tongue several times

 Apt at the death of the day.
you must know I'm addicted to Lions, and that they are not in Spain. Thanks France :I


  1. Una fotografies precioses i un bon petit resum de les vacances. Petons.

  2. bella photo. Bellissime!!


  3. So gorgeous and makes me want to see France as soon as possible!

  4. Really beautiful photos!

  5. siempre haces unas cosas geniales. Dan ganas de no dejar de mirarlas nunca!

  6. I love the third day photos. Beautiful.

  7. Wow, your blog is worth a follow. Stunning!


  8. such a wonderful photos!
    beautiful post


thank you so much! (: